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How do I keep my center in the face of life?

I took yoga class today from my friend Perry. Prior to class we were having a discussion about the necessity of anger. I got in many such discussions with my last spiritual advisor and we finally agreed to disagree. Anyway, Perry kept quoting the Dali Lama saying that anger was not necessary and that it caused more damage than good. That the only way to address anger was from a place of love....from a place of love? How the hell does one do that? Note to self: this is a good meditation topic. I maintain that anger is must be because it was given to me along with the rest of the emotions on my pallet. I don't believe that I should pick and choose which emotions I allow myself to experience. Given that of course I maintain balance. That is my ultimate goal. How do I keep my center in the face of life? People, situations, emotions...etc all threaten to pull me off course. Short of moving to a remote mountain top (now I know why monks do this) I don't know how to keep my peace.

In yoga class...during shivasana (corpse pose) probably spelled wrong....Perry came over and applied some pressure points to the back of my neck and shoulders which have been hard as piano wires for weeks due to emotional stress. I actually felt my heart open up and a warm peace flowered where there had only been hard walls before..."wow" I thought...I forgot what this felt like. It's been so long. How did I get off track for so long? I know how...I haven't been as diligent about my meditation practice....not the moving one...the sitting one. Solution begins tonight. C (*
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