True victory is over yourself (yamabiko) wrote in shobudo,
True victory is over yourself

Its been a while...

Training has been really great for me over the last almost year now. I have learned so much, and grown so much as a person. Everyone in my family has noticed the changes, in particular I am less defensive, less struggling, more accepting and learning. I train in a system where we are learning how to control our centers and to fight back, but at the same time during training we do so with out fighting back... not trying to resist the change, just to learn from it. There is alot of power in training like that, and even more so in living like that.

I have been trying to bring my training to life in everything I am doing. Blending with people's needs at work, waiting to fit when times are correct to push people slightly, and I suppose eventually throwing a person (emotionally, mentally) on occasion.

I am sure I am not the only one who takes things out of training to their life, another thing I am working on (mind you its hard) is to get over the idea of "us vs. them" I used to be uber defensive about things, everytime someone would step past a line (physically, verbally) I would think of it as an attack. And though sometimes it might be, simply learning to move my feet, change my mind, and not have to attack back on someone who really has no heart in their precusive behaviors.

maybe what I am saying is that I am trying to learn that most of the time people who attack you aren't really attacking. Just trying to stay safe by waving their hands their hands in your face to scare you.

at either rate, I am proud of this community, though its been slow coming there seem to be some really good thoughts on training here. I am glad you all joind me.

with metta,
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